Paragon Manufacturing A Tradition of Quality Manufacturing-Plastic Pails

By on November 11th 2013

A Little About Paragon

Paragon is a family owned and operated injection molding facility that manufacturers HDPE plastic shipping containers. We have been in business for 60 years and are an AIB Food Contact Packaging Certified Facility, USDA, and FDA approved. We manufacture pails for use in many industries, especially the food, dairy and chemical industry.

Paragon used hydraulic presses for many years until the advent of the electric injection molding press. The implementation of these presses, which began in 1999, reduced our energy consumption by over half because of their technology and efficiency and allowed Paragon to manufacture its products more accurately. The electric presses are much cleaner and quieter, as well, thus reducing air and noise pollution in our plant making it a safer environment for our employees. Paragon only uses Virgin High Density Polyethylene in the manufacturing of our products. We have strict specifications and require a higher melt index than most of the industry to ensure that our pails are the strongest and most dependable (durable) ones on the market.

We take pride in meeting the needs of our customers because Paragon’s heritage is service. Since 1953, we have been suppliers to both local and national companies and continue to do so because of the exceptional product we produce and by offering them incomparable and unparalleled customer service. From same day deliveries, to always answering our phones, we provide the customer with 24/7 access to someone at Paragon. You will never hear an answering machine when you call Paragon because we believe that communication and strong relationships is the key to running a successful business.

Please give us a call today, to see if our customer service and personal attention is something that you may be looking for from your supplier of plastic shipping containers.

Finally, our minimum order is a full carton, so any business whether large or small is able to take advantage of our competitive pricing, quality food safe products, and service they can always count on.