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Focused on Your Needs

Manufactured In The United States Of America

Creating Quality Containers

Paragon provides high-quality manufacturing services to Chicago, Illinois, and the surrounding states. Today, our products are shipped both nationally and internationally to give you high-quality pails, covers, and handles.

A Tradition of Quality
Manufacturing Since 1953

What Sets Us Apart

Great Products

Great Products

At Paragon Manufacturing Inc., we manufacture: pails (buckets), covers (lids) and handles for use with our pails.

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Quality Service

Paragon Manufacturing uses 100% pure virgin FDA approved resin. This resin adds a consistency to our products. Our sales team works hand in hand with our customers to provide quick turnaround times and service beyond compare. We are proud of our commitment to our customers.



Paragon Manufacturing is certified by SQF with an excellent rating and a score of 99. We are also certified with the Interstate milk shippers and follow HACCP.

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Our team has been committed to sustainability since the mid-70’s. We receive our resin in rail cars lowering our energy consumption and diminishing our carbon footprint. Paragon uses all-electric presses which again cuts our energy consumption and there is no hydraulic fluid waste. We recycle our rework for the non-food grade industry.

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