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Providing Excellence Since 1953

Our Manufacturing Story

Paragon Manufacturing was founded in 1953 by William Wright and originally started it as a tool and die shop on 25th street in Melrose Park, IL. After several successful years, Mr. Wright expanded and bought the location Paragon resides in today.  William built a custom mold for a customer who later couldn’t pay, he was inspired to take up injection molding and bought his first hydraulic press. During this time, Paragon was a custom molder for companies Like Zenith and Schlitz Brewing. After many years of contracted molding, William stopped outsourced manufacturing and began molding louvers for drop ceiling lighting and five-gallon pails.

William Wright’s son, Peter Wright, graduated from college in 1973 and started full time at Paragon. They manufactured louvers and began to develop the range of pails being sold today. In the early 90’s William Wright retired, and Peter was named President.

In 1999 Peter began replacing the hydraulic presses with electric presses. The power efficiency of these new machines reduced Paragon’s energy consumption tremendously. This allowed Paragon to reduce their environmental footprint.

The electric presses are exponentially cleaner and quieter; reducing air and noise pollution in our plant, ensuring a safer environment for the people that keep us going. Paragon’s product line continues to expand with demand for different product sizes.


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