Paragon Manufacturing Certifications Chicago, IL

We are dedicated to Safety, Quality and Responsibility.

Trustworthy Quality

Paragon Manufacturing Knows better than anyone that high quality product needs a high-quality container. Our Pails and covers adhere to some of the strictest organizations in the country.

Our Certifications

Paragon is proud to be certified by the Interstate Milk Shippers. We have been AIB audited since 2015 and our last audit was in October of 2019 and Paragon received a score of 955/1000. We at Paragon are GMP and HAACP compliant. We are currently moving towards GFSI certification as well.

Quality Products

At Paragon Manufacturing, our pails are FDA-approved prime resin. Our Team works to meet all your guidelines to make sure our products meet the standards you expect.

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