Paragon Manufacturing A Tradition of Quality Manufacturing-Plastic Pails

About Us

Our Molding Process

For many years, Paragon used hydraulic presses until the advent of the electric injection molding machine. In 1999, the implementation of these new machines reduced our energy consumption by over half because of their technology and efficiency. This allowed Paragon to manufacture its products with more precision while reducing our environmental footprint.

The electric presses are much cleaner and quieter; reducing air and noise pollution in our plant. This ensures a safer environment for our employees. Paragon only uses Virgin High Density Polyethylene in the manufacturing of our products. We have strict specifications our products must meet to ensure that our pails are the strongest, most dependable, and durable products in the market.


Paragon has the capacity of silk screening small to large runs of pails or applying heat transfer labels to larger orders. Please ask one of our sale associates for more information.


Please give us a call today to see if our customer service and personal attention is something that you may be looking for from your supplier of plastic shipping containers. Our minimum order is a full carton, so any business, whether large or small, is able to take advantage of our competitive pricing, quality food safe products, and service they can always count on.