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Looking to the Future

Sustainability Practices From Chicago, Illinois

We are proud of our sustainability programs and continued R&D


Paragon Manufacturing has always known that it’s important to lessen the impact our products will have on the planet. That’s why we removed all of our hydraulic presses back in the late 90s and replaced them with electric, reducing our energy consumption by approximately 80 percent and minimizing the hydraulic fluid we used. This also created a safer environment for our employees. Paragon recycles 99% of its scrap.

Did You Know?

Since the mid-70s, Paragon Manufacturing has used rail cars for the delivery of our resin. Using rail is the most environmentally friendly way to move freight over land. Railroads are roughly four times more fuel efficient than trucks. Shipping freight via rail limits greenhouse gas emissions and increases fuel efficiency, reducing the transportation carbon footprint. In fact, moving freight by rail instead of truck lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 75%.

Always Researching New Developments In The Industry

Because of Paragon’s growing concern for our precious earth we are continually investigating the latest products that will help our planet. New resins are in development all the time. We constantly evaluate how we can reduce our carbon footprint. Minimizing waste is important at Paragon. Paragon and its employees are committed to play our part in reducing the effects that plastics manufacturing can have on our earth.
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